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Dear parents,

As the parent of a child receiving special education services, you are entitled to data-based information that clearly demonstrates what progress, if any, your child is making. Because without data, it's just someone's opinion.  The Federation for Children with Special Needs states in their Frequently Asked Questions about IEP Goals pdf:  Teachers and other school professionals track student progress by recording scores and other data over the school year. By recording data, related to the goals and objectives/benchmarks, they can measure your student’s progress or lack of progress.  

If your child's progress report contains language such as "progressing toward goal" or "making progress toward goal" that is not sufficient language.  IEPS contain benchmarks that require data collection.  Therefore, you should be receiving progress reports that clearly state a percentage and have data to support progress.

Please let us know if your IEP progress reports are vague and do not contain specific language regarding a specific level of progress.

4/2/2015 - We have received a lot of complaints over non-compliance with IEPs and 504s. In the past we encouraged you to go to the Principal, then Special Education Director, then the Supt. This practice has not worked other then delaying the process even more.
We will be happy to assist to address any issue via Program Quality Assurance complaint Department (PQA) or via The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) based on the issue.

Your children are entitled to FAPE and IEPs are legal documents. You are their advocates and you know your child best.

Dear friends - We want you to be aware that when you as a parent reaches out to the school because your child is having problems in school you should be documenting and requesting in writing that you would like to have your child evaluated for the specific concerns.The school cannot USE RTI in place of doing the evaluation. The school should supply you with a form for you to sign authorizing the evaluation (NO MORE THEN 5 School Days), they will then have 30 school days to do the evaluation and must hold a meeting to go over the evaluation within 10 schools days after they complete the evaluation. This entire process must be done within 45 days (SCHOOL DAYS).
The PAC is here to help you should you have any questions or need help with it.

Compliance issue!

Message below sent to parents 4/16/2014

Dear Members,

Cathy Kilcoyne, Director of Pupil Services, has sent several emails with concerns over Hudson SEPAC's recently approved by-laws, questioning the wording, website posting, and the move to a more electronic based format. Yesterday Ms. Kilcoyne sent another email to Hudson SEPAC indicating the SEPAC should seek legal counsel regarding our changes.    This comes on the heels of a request by SEPAC to have a more substantial corrective action for the most recent non-compliance by the District.  

 While the by-laws were voted upon and approved at the last meeting, as always, if you as members have concerns and/or questions, Hudson SEPAC is available to speak with you and assist you.  We bring this to your attention to be completely transparent with you.  We responded to Ms. Kilcoyne’ s recent request that we seek legal counsel.  A copy of that response may be read here: and the attached By-laws.pdf that was sent to Ms. Kilcoyne can be found here:

Again, we remind you that should you have any concerns, please bring them to our attention because it is our goal to ensure we fulfill our commitment to promote the understanding of, respect for, and support of all children with special needs in the community and promote a network of parents of children with special needs, and provide the forum to share information.

The message below was sent on April 13, 2014

Dear parents,

Last week we brought a compliance issue to the attention of Pupil Services.

Pupil Services had been creating Team Meeting notes and place them in our student’s records even when we didn’t have team meetings. As a result, in IEPs there were team meetings listed that didn’t happen and our student’s records also had team meeting attendance sheets that indicated we as parents were not in attendance.

In addition, there is a form in all IEPs called the N1. This N1 also had information regarding the supposed team meeting.

The N1 details:

1. What action is the school district proposing to take?

2. Why is the school district proposing to act?

3. What rejected options were considered and why was each option rejected?

4. What evaluation procedure, test, record or report was used as a basis for the proposed action?

5. What other factors were relevant to the school district’s decision

6. What next steps, if any, are recommended?

Due to the false information regarding the team meetings, the N1 might (BE) also incorrect. As you can see from the questions that should be answered in the N1, it is important that the information is accurate.

Pupil Services has begun bringing the District into compliance by notifying parents of their error and offering to take the attendance sheet and data sheet out of your child’s file.

We would like Pupil Services to correct the N1 as well. However, they have not responded to our request that they correct (ED) the N1. By failing to correct the N1, false information still remains in our child’s records.

We are working to gather further information on this major issue and would love to hear from you. We strongly believe that we deserve better and need them to take action.

Pupil Services has a legal obligation to keep accurate, truthful records of special education meetings, services, and to ensure the legal document that is the IEP has correct information in it.

We seriously have major issues with the lack of responsibility, respect and professionalism from our administration. The regulations have been and are very clear on IEP paperwork and we find their practice disingenuous. There was no need for Pupil Services to engage in this type of record keeping and it violated the regulations. We should have proper records from start to finish, for our children.

Please review your child’s N1 and make sure that you do not have any inconsistencies. If you do have any issues please let us know; click here to inform us