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How Hudson Public Schools Are Treating Parent's Of Special needs Students and their children! 
Administration refuses to hold staff accountable for their actions!
How can we trust when we are not respected by the administration and teachers?

Dear Mr. Teixeira,   Posted 3/29/2013

After careful thought and with a heavy heart, I am sending you these documents.  I have brought these offensive emails to the Superintendent’s attention and his response was not one of outrage or an apology, but was that he would enforce an email policy and forward my concerns to the Director of Pupil Services, who in turn took no action.  That sickened me because it didn’t address the real issue, which is that regular education and special education teachers had no respect for my child or for me, as I advocated for adherence to his IEP.   


You will find attached:

1.      An email with an expletive that shows a sped teacher knowingly gave my child an exam on information he missed while absent and that she didn’t care.  

2.     On that same page with the expletive, an email from another sped staff member who wished to plan with the sped teacher on how to handle me.  

3.     An email from a teacher exasperated that I would find fault with my son having an exam on information that he missed while absent.

4.     An email from a teacher who didn’t know my child was entitled to extra time for assignments in his IEP and who didn’t know that my child’s executive function disorder caused him to be disorganized and was “uncomfortable” that I asked for extra time.

5.  Correspondence from the Administration regarding the issue(s).


What upset me the most wasn’t that they wrote negative things about me and my child, but that they obviously cared so little about meeting my child's special needs and didn't seem to understand his disability of Asperger's, Anxiety, & Executive Function Disorder.  Can you imagine knowingly giving a child with anxiety a test on information learned while he was absent, on his first day back?  Being "uncomfortable" when asked for extra time because the child with the executive function disorder didn't bring home the right books?  The fact that the Superintendent did not agree that it was worthy of looking into brings me to you with the issue for publication.  Can you imagine not thinking that this issue is worthy of anything other than future enforcement of an email policy, that the issue at hand is only a poor language choice?  (Please note that I have been informed that the two employees who used the vulgar language have since left the employ of HPS and not due to this issue.  And that does not change the fact that their attitude or their words were spread among others in the school district.  This sped teacher was responsible for the care given to my child and she obviously spread a culture of disregard for my child that affected his other teachers' opinions and actions.)   

When I finished my complete review of my child's record, I found over 40 possible violations which the District does not feel it necessary to look into.  How is that acceptable, to ignore the fact that last year many staff members were able to violate my child's education rights?  How can one assume that it was a onetime isolated event of over 40 possible violations against the education rights of one child?  


We cannot and should not accept substandard care for our children.  It cheapens the hard work of the many excellent teachers in town and allows others to shortchange our children’s educational needs.  I had thought staff was interested in caring for my child, only to find out when I received the student record that they had no real interest.  My child has had and currently has excellent educators, but that does not excuse the District from ensuring all teachers are capable and willing to provide a free appropriate public education to our children.  


In addition to providing you with these documents, I suggest that others be made aware that similar documents may be sitting in their child’s student record and that a student record, along with staff emails, can be requested under FERPA.  All parents should check their child's student record, check the testing results for accuracy, get as much information as possible to be sure your child is really receiving an appropriate education.  Do you really think that this only happened to my child?  That this is an isolated event?  Don’t you want to know?  And finally, do you think we should be dismissed and demoralized because we fight for an appropriate public education for our children? 

Click here to see the emails

Parent begs for HELP due to her daughter being bullied and gets no help from the principal, superintendent and school committee. These are the type of issues that some parents are  dealing with. Remember that the PAC is here to HELP you!

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Police report in 2008 on Mulready School Report# 2008000003300

Whitons Culinary Response to Attleboro News Story Students Denied Lunch Because of Negative Account Balance

Hudson states that it will not happen here (denial of lunch) but the truth is that Hudson was the first school to deny lunch to a child and this was by Hudson teachers at the Mulready School!  

For many years now many teachers and staff as well as some parents in Hudson have come to know me as someone that is a trouble maker along many other things. I have gained this type of title going back to 2006 but one has to understand why someone goes out of their way to slander someone’s name and their family.

If you have a child with special needs and you try to advocate for your child you are no longer welcome in this community. I have gained many names from this district especially after taking Hudson to hearing to try and get the services that my children needed.

I have tolerated many personal attacks, discrimination but with great cover up and lousy investigations.

This type of action still continues today even after I have  attempted to resolve the issues with the administration and have not been able to address these type of issues.

In the past few months  Hudson has managed to have their attorney send me a letter slandering my family name and I have yet to get an apology. I have then attempted to get the school to be sensitive to special needs students and parents simply by ensuring that when sharing information in any way that they mention it to the students on IEP’s etc.
Hudson has not been able to do this and instead they shared email between their superiors and clearly making it know that special needs do not belong in our community and here once again I am the cause of this as they state WHO IS STANDING UP FOR THESE FREE LUNCH KIDS and I am glad that I do not have to deal with him.

Folks it is clear that we have serious issues in our schools and the lack of administration stepping up and addressing this professionally. 

We need responsible people, respect and accountability.

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